Solar Power at The Amble Estate

The Amble Estate is leading the way to a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable future for everyone.

For the first time in Western Australia, we are offering a solar power system installed at your home for no upfront cost. Instead of paying for the system, you will pay for the solar electricity it produces at a rate that is 40% less than Synergy’s A1 tariff. This will save you money on your electricity costs and help the environment, all at the same time.


Why use solar power?

Solar power energy is an effective way to start living sustainably.

Using the energy of the sun, your solar panels will help provide the electricity that runs your home. With more than 3212 hours of sunshine per year in Australia, solar power energy is a smart way to save money.


How does it work?

Infinite Energy will install a rooftop solar system on your home for no upfront cost. You will then only pay for the net solar electricity that you consume. Infinite Energy will own the solar system and be responsible for ensuring it is working properly for the term of the agreement.

The solar panels that will be installed on your roof will convert sunlight into electricity. You can use this electricity within your home throughout the day at a rate that is 40% less* than Synergy’s A1 residential tariff. Any extra electricity your home uses will be taken from the main electricity grid.

Every two months Infinite Energy will invoice you for your daily generated solar electricity. Your invoice from Infinite Energy will show a daytime solar energy rate that is 40% less than Synergy’s A1 tariff*. Synergy will issue a separate invoice for the grid electricity you consumed (night consumption and any additional day consumption), plus a credit for any exported energy.

You will receive;

  • Installation and set-up of the solar system at no upfront cost
  • 40% net discount* on your daytime solar power energy

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Frequently asked questions

This new initiative is set to change the housing industry and be part of a highly sustainable initiative giving homeowners significant savings on power.

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*Terms and Conditions:

The solar power system is only available to buyers who build a home at The Amble Estate and is provided as part of the Sustainable Living Package incentive. The buyer will enter into a 10-year solar power purchase agreement (PPA) direct with Infinite Energy, in which Infinite Energy retains full ownership and maintenance responsibilities for the solar system for the term of the PPA. The homeowner will have access to discounted daytime solar power, which is generated from their solar power system installed on their home, at a discounted rate of net 40% less than the Synergy A1 grid tariff when they pay their bill in full by the due date. Any power consumed from the South West Interconnected System main Synergy electricity grid will be charged at the A1 grid tariff rate. At the end of the 10-year contract term, either the solar system will be removed by Infinite Energy upon request by the homeowner or the solar system ownership will be transferred to the homeowner for as little as $1.00 and the homeowner will then have full maintenance responsibilities. The project partners reserve the right to review and revise any solar power rebates or offerings, in line with any Federal Government changes to legislation and incentives.