Shared Home Ownership at The Amble Estate

Shared Home Ownership is a WA State Government initiative that makes home ownership more affordable to Western Australians. The Amble Estate is proud to offer Shared Home Ownership to assist home buyers to join our new community, whether they’re buying off-the-plan or newly-built homes.

How does it work?

To apply for Shared Home Ownership, buyers need to qualify for their home loan through Keystart. The State Government will then pay part of the purchase price and will act as a co-owner, to help reduce borrowing costs.

For example, if you cover 80% of the purchase price, you’ll retain 80% ownership of the property and the State Government will own the remaining 20%. The purchaser is liable for all ongoing costs of the property, including utilities, rates and maintenance.

Advantages of Shared Home Ownership

Advantages include low deposit required, no lenders mortgage insurance, no savings history required, and no monthly account-keeping fees. And, if the property is newly-built, you can still apply

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The majority of Shared Home Ownership prices represent a share of between 70-80% of the property price with the Housing Authority owning the remaining share, in equity. The final equity share is determined by the Housing Authority and Keystart, based on an applicant’s borrowing capacity. Keystart’s standard lending criteria, terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. Keystart Australian Credit License 381437

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