Here you can find out more about all the incentives that are available when you build your home at The Amble Estate.

Sustainable Living Package

One of The Amble Estate’s goals is to support sustainable living. When you build a home within the estate you have the opportunity to have a solar power system installed on your home for free, in addition to other great sustainable living inclusions.



Fencing and Landscaping

To kick-start your home ownership journey, The Amble Estate will look after your fencing and landscaping for your home.

Download claim voucher for fencing

Download claim voucher for landscaping

*Terms and Conditions:

The solar power system is only available to buyers who build a home at The Amble Estate and is provided as part of the Sustainable Living Package incentive. The buyer will enter into a 10-year solar power purchase agreement (PPA) direct with Infinite Energy, in which Infinite Energy retains full ownership and maintenance responsibilities for the solar system for the term of the PPA. The homeowner will have access to discounted daytime solar power, which is generated from their solar power system installed on their home, at a discounted rate of net 40% less than the Synergy A1 grid tariff. Any power consumed from the South West Interconnected System main Synergy electricity grid will be charged at the A1 grid tariff rate. At the end of the 10-year contract term, either the solar system will be removed by Infinite Energy upon request by the homeowner or the solar system ownership will be transferred to the homeowner for as little as $1.00 and the homeowner will then have full maintenance responsibilities. The project partners reserve the right to review and revise any solar power rebates or offerings, in line with any Federal Government changes to legislation and incentives.
The new government stimulus on residential housing is subject to terms and conditions, with eligibility criteria applying. Please contact us for further information.